The Monster in the Basement

Mom is busy making jewelry tonight so she said it was okay for me to write something in her journal. First, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Whisper and I’m a little mixed breed girl dog that mom adopted from the Humane Society a few years ago.

Most monsters live in the closet or under the bed, right? Well, we have one living in our basement. It’s very small and covered with grey fluff but it has claws like a saber tooth tiger and breathes fire! I know this because it attacked me today.

Mom went down to the basement to get her work clothes out of the dryer and the monster was sitting on the water heater. I didn’t know it was a monster then. It just looked like a little cat. I decided I would go down (I don’t like the stairs much) and take a look. Everything was fine at first. It sat and just let me sniff it. I was a good girl (mom would have yelled at me if I had been bad), gave it a smile and wagged my tail. It even let me kiss it on the nose.

I figured that was enough and turned around to go down the rest of the way to sit by mom. Then, all H-E-double-hockey-sticks broke loose! The cat (who could be a dragon in disguise) jumped off the water heater and landed at my feet. It got up on its hind legs and started attacking me with its claws! It was hissing and spitting fire! I was so surprised, I yelped and tried to hide behind mom but it slashed me right across the nose before disappearing into the crawlspace.

There was blood all over my nose and dripping on the floor. Mom freaked out and took me back upstairs. She let me get on her lap and put Listerine on my nose (it burned but not as bad as that stuff in the white bottle). Then she fussed over me and babied me until my nose stopped bleeding. The scratch wasn’t as bad as I thought but my nose sure is sore.

I don’t believe I’ll be going to the basement anymore (even if my sister Mocha is dumb enough to keep running down there). I’ll just cuddle up in my blanket where it’s safe and warm.



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