Thank you kindly, Paul Haggis!

Few writers are as creative and original as Paul Haggis (you too, Jeff!) He’s given us due South, EZ Streets, Crash and Family Law – just to name a (very) few.

Tonight, he’s done it again (along with Bobby Moresco) with The Black Donnellys. Basically, this show is about Irish four brothers (Jimmy, Tommy, Kevin, and Sean) living in New York who put each other before anyone else, even when the mob is involved. The story of the Donnelly brothers is narrated to two police officers by “Joey Ice Cream” while in jail.

This was absolutely one of the best series premieres that I have ever seen. It has a strong storyline, is very intense (gruesome, even) and has just a touch of humor in the right spots. Unless you’re familiar with Paul’s writing, the lack of profanity will suprise you. The show airs on Mondays (NBC) after Heroes. Give it try and see what you think.

“The Irish have always been the victims of negative stereotype. I mean people think we’re all drunks and brawlers, and sometimes that gets you so mad, all you want to do is get drunk and punch somebody.” — Joey Ice Cream


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