Voip.com Scam

When Sunrocket closed down (and cheated their customers out of annual fees – that had been double charged), I started searching for a new broadband phone provider. Most of the reputable consumer websites gave Voip.com very good reviews. So, I signed up for their service. Whch turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. The name of their company should be “voip-get-ready-to-be-scammed.com”.

I decided to go for the annual plan and they charged my account immediately. The next day, I added a virtual number (so my mom could call for free). Once again, my account was charged immediately. That same day, I received an email from FedX with a tracking number, stating they had received a pickup notice from Voip.com. A week went by, two weeks went by, and still no sign of the box. I attempted to contact Voip.com to find out if the box had been shipped but didn’t get a reply. When I checked a couple of days later, my support ticket had been closed – with no response. The box showed up a week later. (It also took them two weeks to activate my virtual number.) Twenty minutes later, I had phone service again. Or so I thought…

Within two days I started having problems. Most of the time there was no connection. When someone tried to call, the reception was terrible. It would cut in and out and sounded like you were talking to Charlie Brown’s teacher. Every call would get dropped after 5 minutes. The list goes on but you get the idea. Not that Charter’s internet service is much better – it goes out every night as soon as I get home and turn on my computer. But that’s a gripe session for another time.

I finally got so fed up with the poor connectivity, and total lack of customer service, that I cancelled my account. I was well within the 30 day trial period and, according to their website, I was entitled to a full refund less their shipping costs once they received the box. That was fine with me. What isn’t fine is that I returned the box (tracked, insured, return receipt requested) and have been fighting with them ever since…when they bother to respond. They insist I never returned the box – even though I sent them written proof that it was delivered to them two weeks ago and signed for by a member of their staff.

After threatening to turn them over to my bank to collect the money, someone decided to send me a snippy email stating, nothing will be refunded until the box arrives at their receiving center and they have made “necessary adjustments” to the balance. WTF?!?! I paid for an annual contract in full, there is no balance! In my book, that constitutes fraud. I’m finished messing around with them, the bank can handle it from here on out.

Why did I go on rambling rant about it? Hopefully, to save someone else the same hassle. Trust me on this…if you’re thinking about signing up with Voip.com, run, as fast as you can, in the other direction and don’t look back.

Update: To add insult to injury, yesterday, Voip.com claimed I didn’t return the router and charged me another $65!  Will it never end…? *siiiiiigh*


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