Home for the Holidays

With my kids in Wisconsin, mom and brother in Florida, the holidays have been very quiet.

The first weekend in December, I drove up to Boone for a wonderful country dinner at the Daniel Boone Inn. The week before Christmas, I attended a play, “The Christmas Bus”, at First United Methodist Church in Lenoir. (Photos) The play was excellent and I had the pleasure of meeting the writer, Bob Inman, who is a favorite in this area. I have a copy of his first novel, “Home Fires Burning”, which he graciously signed after the play.

When I was younger, my family celebrated on Christmas Eve since we had so many places to go on Christmas Day. I still honor that tradition by opening gifts from my mom and brother on the 24th. Christmas morning, I open the packages from my kids and everything else waits until after dinner.

I spent a quiet day at home with my furry kids, watching cd’s, working (yes, on Christmas day!) and cooking. A friend from Bryson City drove over to have dinner. My son called, I talked to my mom and brother, then I curled up in my robe and new pajamas with a cup of Rüdesheimer Kaffee (will post the recipe for this in the future) and my copy of “Murder, Eh?” – which I have since finished and look forward to “Memories of Murder” to arrive in the mail.

The tree came down this morning and the decorations are packed away in the basement. New Year’s is just around the corner – where did the time go?! I haven’t made any solid plans but, after the payroll is finished and depending on the weather, I may load the dogs in the Uplander and head north to Boone, or possibly, Roan Mountain.


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