Skywatch Friday #11

Sit in reverie and watch the changing color
of the waves that break upon the
idle seashore of the mind.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow —

The weather in the western foothills is blah and the lack of gasoline (not to mention the long lines) on the this side of the state is keeping me at home. So, for today’s Skywatch Friday, we’re off to Tampa Bay (Florida) for a virtual vacation. These pictures were taken in St. Pete near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (the bridge in the second photo), when I went to visit in May.


17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday #11

  1. Thanks to all for stopping by and for your nice comments! That is a Cormorant in the first photo.

  2. Very nice! I notice that your images suffer in Quality from re-sizing – they go soft on you. Maybe sizing them to 500 pixel width before uploading can remedy that.
    Cheers, Klaus

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