The Impersonator

It’s funny – if you impersonate somebody,
they have no idea it’s them.

— Tracey Ullman —

Eagle impersonation

This is Darcy Tucker – Tuckie, for short – and he is a 10 year old, white-faced cockatiel. He was “rescued” from a pet shop at the tender age of five weeks.

Truth is: I went to the pet shop to get dog treats and chanced upon the birds. After two minutes consideration, he was on his way to the checkout counter with dog treats and miscellaneous baby bird paraphernalia. What can I say? I’m female and there was a sale…

Santa impersonation

Santa impersonation

He got his name from Darcy Tucker the hockey player because he was a very rowdy, mouthy, little bird (that hasn’t changed for either the bird or his namesake) who quickly learned to yell “Goal! Yessir! Yessir!” when he heard a buzzer on TV or the radio. Fortunately, he didn’t learn the frequent occasional swearing at the refs. Tuckie prefers “peek-a-boo”, “pretty boy”, “Go, Stevie, go” (Steve Yzerman) and “Go, go, Cheerio” (Martin St. Louis – that’s a story for another time).

Tuckie frequently suffers from multiple personality disorder (or maybe it’s bird schizophrenia) as evidenced by the photos. Some days he has delusions of grandeur and pretends to be an eagle, other days he thinks he’s Santa Bird – though he reminds me more of Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” (video has profanity) with feathers. Thankfully, he never learned “Welcome to Walmart…”


6 thoughts on “The Impersonator

  1. He certainly gives me the impression of an ole’ soul.
    At first I thought he was an eagle.
    You certainly have captured his facial features in great detail.

  2. I thought it was an eagle, too. What an impulse buy! But you seem to be happy with him ten years later, so that is good. I love to go to people’s houses who have birds, but I’m not sure I would like the loud ones myself. Maybe you get used to it. He is pretty!

  3. Great shot! It has all the majesty of an eagle. I used to have one that never immiated sounds but my friend had one from a baby and like yours it immitated sounds. I’ll never forget it immitating the sound of the phone ringing. She kept thinking someone was hanging up before she could answer before she realized it was the bird. 😀

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