Mystery Guest

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.
— Aesop —

This one has me stumped. I saw it for the first time today at the creek with a mate. After spending two hours looking at pictures of waterfowl in the Piedmont and mountains trying to identify it, I gave up. Any ideas?

Update 10/10/2008:  My thanks to mehere001 and Wren who identified the Mystery Guest as a black Muscovy Duck.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Guest

  1. Hi sorta new here, and happen upon your pages, loverly pics btw.

    My husband and I often play this ‘game’ so to speak, come home and identify wildlife we saw or got pics of. This looks suspiciously like a ‘Muscovy Duck’. And yes I totally cheated and used a Duck ID site online, just not sure if its ok to post those links or not.

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us all

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