Skywatch Friday #14

In the right light, at the right time,
everything is extraordinary.

— Aaron Rose —

Clouds over Lake Hickory. Be sure to check out all the great Skywatch photos this weekend!


23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday #14

  1. Ah, I am a hockey fan as well: Anaheim Ducks. I live in Orange County. I am a writer for the paper here and fell head over heels for the sport last year while writing a story.

  2. Oh wow, this is a gorgeous shot. The sky and water are equally (but differently) blue. Very nicely captured. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my moon pictures. And for your kind comment. Happy SWF.

  3. “Extraordinary” is definitely the right word for that image. Beautiful colors, gorgeous scenery. I could spend the weekend looking at that sky.


  4. Sorry I missed this on Friday but glad I didn’t miss this all together. This is beautiful!!! That blue is amazing and the way it’s reflected in the water… Double impact! 🙂

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