A Non-Skywatch Sky

Internet: absolute communication, absolute isolation.
— Paul Carvel —


If you wandered over this way looking for my Skywatch contribution, this is it. However, due to computer issues (see previous post), it is not linked to the Skywatch Friday website. The library appears to have cookies blocked and I can’t leave comments on any of the Blogger sites. I didn’t feel it was fair to the other participants to link to Skywatch at this time but I did want to post a photo.

Paz, Luiz and Denise:  Should you happen to read this, thank you for the awards! I will post them when my computer is working again.


8 thoughts on “A Non-Skywatch Sky

  1. This is incredible. The tree has so much personality. The light is spectacular.

    I was ready to link in for you, but I understand why you are not.

    My continued sympathies.

  2. A beautiful Sky Watch photo, even if you couldn’t link it. My pleasure to pass along the award to you. Hope you’re able to fix your computer problems soon.


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