Watery Wednesday #45

Splish, splash…

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These boys are not part of my gang. I saw them at the lake and had to take pictures. The next day, I found out they belong to friends of one of my friends. How is that for happenchance?

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19 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday #45

  1. The first one is just lovely, frozen in a moment of time. The second is a real giggle, looks like Churchill in a life vest, all he needs is a cigar.

  2. Stephany:

    So glad to be in touch with another NC blogger. When Mr. GDP can get around to it, I want him to start links to NC bloggers in our sidebar. Around here, he is King of HTML and I’m Queen of Photos!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Today, I saw a coffee mug with a bulldog body painted on it and the head was actually 3-D coming off the base of the mug. If dogs were the lottery, I’d put my money on “bulldog.”

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