Watery Wednesday #45

Splish, splash…

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These boys are not part of my gang. I saw them at the lake and had to take pictures. The next day, I found out they belong to friends of one of my friends. How is that for happenchance?

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Where's My Treat?

Waiting for a reward  (click to enlarge)

Waiting for a reward (click to enlarge)

The gorgeous Sheltie pictured above is not one of my “kids”; he belongs to another rescue owner.  Sheltie’s aren’t even the subject of this post but he was so cute that I couldn’t resist.  Rescue is the rant topic of the day.  Keep in mind, this is not a plea for donations or for potential adopters, I’m not even going to give you the link for the rescue website, it’s merely an observation on a subject that burns the h*ll out of me.

Rescue: To free or deliver from confinement, violence, danger, or evil.

At the beginning of November, rescue received 5 dogs from a shelter in another state (the breeder turned them in because he couldn’t sell them) and 2 from Fayetteville. Recently, there was a local breeder with a large number of dogs she was unable to care for.  Rescue was told they were all in poor health and severely under weight.   The first 7 to arrive were in terrible shape – worms, fleas and demodex mange. They were vetted immediately and will be nursed back to a healthy weight, house trained, crated trained, socialized and loved in foster homes until they are adopted.  The others are slowly being rescued.

That’s 15 dogs (of the same breed) in t-w-o weeks to join the 22 which were already in rescue.  After the first of the year, the numbers will increase again as people turn out the dogs and puppies they gave their children for Christmas because they get hair on the furniture, eat too much or, heaven forbid, start to grow.

Huh?!  What did you expect?  Dogs are messy and a huge responsibility. If you don’t want to take care of them and clean up after them…start a rock collection instead.  It’s that simple.

My dogs are spoiled and they know it.

In A Cat's Eye

In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats.
— English Proverb —

This is Amonet (Egyptian for “The Hidden One”). She got her name because she would hide in the crawlspace under the house and never utter a sound.

Yesterday was the iguana, today a cat…let’s just do a critters theme for the rest of the week.

The Impersonator

It’s funny – if you impersonate somebody,
they have no idea it’s them.

— Tracey Ullman —

Eagle impersonation

This is Darcy Tucker – Tuckie, for short – and he is a 10 year old, white-faced cockatiel. He was “rescued” from a pet shop at the tender age of five weeks.

Truth is: I went to the pet shop to get dog treats and chanced upon the birds. After two minutes consideration, he was on his way to the checkout counter with dog treats and miscellaneous baby bird paraphernalia. What can I say? I’m female and there was a sale…

Santa impersonation

Santa impersonation

He got his name from Darcy Tucker the hockey player because he was a very rowdy, mouthy, little bird (that hasn’t changed for either the bird or his namesake) who quickly learned to yell “Goal! Yessir! Yessir!” when he heard a buzzer on TV or the radio. Fortunately, he didn’t learn the frequent occasional swearing at the refs. Tuckie prefers “peek-a-boo”, “pretty boy”, “Go, Stevie, go” (Steve Yzerman) and “Go, go, Cheerio” (Martin St. Louis – that’s a story for another time).

Tuckie frequently suffers from multiple personality disorder (or maybe it’s bird schizophrenia) as evidenced by the photos. Some days he has delusions of grandeur and pretends to be an eagle, other days he thinks he’s Santa Bird – though he reminds me more of Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” (video has profanity) with feathers. Thankfully, he never learned “Welcome to Walmart…”

Will sing for food…

No one appreciates the very special genius of
your conversation as the dog does.

— Christopher Morley —

Mocha was tossed out of the back of a pickup truck by her owners on a country road in Lithia (FL) when she was a year old. A woman driving behind the truck, stopped and coaxed Mocha into her car with dog biscuits. She took her to Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue where, surprise(!), they discovered she was pregnant with her second litter of puppies.

I brought Mocha home after the puppies were weaned (all three survived and went to good homes). She had a few issues in the beginning – OCD, hyperactive and excitable. Three years later, she has mellowed out…unless she smells food, then she is very vocal!

The Watcher

You can observe a lot just by watching
— Yogi Berra —

Have you ever seen the Pedigree commercial, Echo gets adopted? You’ll think they modelled it after Whisper. Another of my rescues, she has a Charlie Chaplin moustache, always looks like her mascara is running, smiles constantly and her “skirt” flounces when she runs. She loves hugs, playtime, stuffed toys, belly rubs and animal crackers. But her favorite activity is squirrel watching.