Skywatch Friday #53

I told myself I was only going to do one meme a week but the temptation was too much. My SWF photo is of the CN Tower in Toronto.


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Before Dusk

Port Credit Lighthouse in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada  (click to enlarge)

Port Credit Lighthouse in Mississauga's "Village on the Lake" (click to enlarge)

The Port Credit Lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Credit River in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  The original lighthouse was destroyed by a fire in 1936 and replaced by a replica in 1991.

Skywatch Friday #12

Take me back to old Ontario where the sun
does ever shine, where the tall and stately
maples rear their branches to the sky.
— Frank E. Balson (Take me Back to Old Ontario) —

For this Skywatch Friday, we’re revisiting my last trip to Canada. Specifically, the beautiful skies over the Robinson-Bray House in Streetsville – the original ‘Village in the City of Mississauga’.

I am in the process of refinishing (by hand) the wood floor in my living room. So, please forgive me if I’m a little slow checking the other Skywatch photos.