Watery Wednesday #45

Splish, splash…

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These boys are not part of my gang. I saw them at the lake and had to take pictures. The next day, I found out they belong to friends of one of my friends. How is that for happenchance?

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Will sing for food…

No one appreciates the very special genius of
your conversation as the dog does.

— Christopher Morley —

Mocha was tossed out of the back of a pickup truck by her owners on a country road in Lithia (FL) when she was a year old. A woman driving behind the truck, stopped and coaxed Mocha into her car with dog biscuits. She took her to Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue where, surprise(!), they discovered she was pregnant with her second litter of puppies.

I brought Mocha home after the puppies were weaned (all three survived and went to good homes). She had a few issues in the beginning – OCD, hyperactive and excitable. Three years later, she has mellowed out…unless she smells food, then she is very vocal!